Just some clarification

Alright! I know that I haven’t really posted on this, but I haven’t really had much to post about it. Let’s get this straightened out. I’m a lesbian. I’m gender fluid. Today is a feminine day for me, yesterday was masculine. I’ve been asked how I know I’m gender fluid, how I can be gender fluid, if I’ll transition to male, etc. To answer those, how do you know you’re male or female? I can be gender fluid because somedays I identify as male, some I identify as female. I don’t know if I will transition to male because I feel pretty happy in a female body. The thing about me being gender fluid is that I feel more masculine than feminine, but unlike transgender people, I don’t feel like I was born in the wrong body; I feel pretty happy as a woman. As of now I do not see myself transitioning, however someday in the future that may change, but for now, nope. I love you all and wish you a very happy Thursday!

Stay gay!



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